Who we are

Fortuna Italia Store is a reality made of concreteness, seriousness, passion for one's work, and professionalism. Our history is very recent, but originates from the experience of entrepreneurs who have been on the job market for several decades. The idea of ​​online sales was born from a historical moment that characterizes trade in every product sector, and for this reason a search was made for quality products that could be offered to consumers on an online platform.


Purchasing online does not mean dealing exclusively with a computerized system with which communicate with just a “click”; behind these realities there are people who follow every step of yours choices and help you resolve any uncertainties with professionalism and sensitivity. To contact us you can call +39 080 8695847 , from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 7pm continuously and speak directly to our operators, or write on WhatsApp to +39 3275997907 and in the chat for the most urgent communications; lastly, send an email to register to the site. Our operators are constantly available to customers to resolve all issues problems, providing assistance at every stage of the sale, trying to accommodate the requests of customer with a view to always offering excellent service.


The formula "excellent quality/price ratio" does not always guarantee a good purchase; as well as “more yes spends, the less you spend” corresponds to the best investment! We offer a wide range of items with unique technological features at decidedly competitive prices, with customer service attentive and reliable who will be able to help you with your purchase! It's up to you to choose the best product for yours needs, comparing the various brands in our online catalog to find what you need.