Payment in installments

Pay in installments with SOISY!

Buy now, pay later!

Thanks to Soisy installment payments, purchasing products on the Fortuna Italia Store is easier !
Once you get to the checkout you can defer the payment of all the carts and products purchased with an automatic monthly debit to your current account without you having to worry about anything.
Fill out the online request in 3 minutes , sign the contract and pay in installments without additional costs and hidden expenses from the month following purchase.

How does it work?

Choose SOISY at checkout

Choose the number of installments that is most convenient for you, you will pay the first one after 30 days

Digitally sign the contract from all devices

Receive approval of your purchase, we will ship your order in maximum 48 hours!

How to do?

Requirements to pay in installments with Soisy

You can request an installment payment with soisy on Fortuna Italia Store if you have:

to be of age and resident in Italy for at least 3 years
of a regular and demonstrable income
of good creditworthiness
of a bank account
that you wish to place an order greater than or equal to €100
to be a natural and non-legal person.

What documents do I need?

To pay in installments, have at hand:

IBAN of the account to which the installment will be debited
identity document
health card (only in some cases)

Why is Soisy worth it?

Completely online!

With Soisy the entire procedure is completely online and can be carried out from any device with a network connection. Furthermore, the contract will be signed conveniently via SMS!

No hidden costs!

With Soisy there are no hidden costs: no extra costs for investigations, stamp duty, installment collection or early repayment, no additional insurance or policies. Nothing at all: just the installment multiplied by the number of months you choose!

In just 3 minutes!

Enter the requested information and choose the installment plan most convenient for you during the procedure, in just 3 minutes you will be notified if the installment request has been accepted!

For more information, visit the official Soisy page!