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BRAND: Brand: Chilly's

Chilly's Bottle Thermal Sports Bottles

Chilly's Bottle Thermal Sports Bottles

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  • Capacity: 500ml

  • Material: Steel

  • 24 hours cold

  • 12 Hours Hot

Chilly's Bottle Thermal Sports Bottles

If you are looking for a water bottle with fantastic solid colors but are also looking for something with surprising features, then these Thermal Sports Water Bottles designed by Chilly's are exactly for you.

The brand

Chilly's mission is to accelerate the adoption and everyday use of reusable products. The result was the Chilly's Bottle. A modern and elegant product designed to combine the convenience of a plastic water bottle, with the high-performance technology and ecological benefits of a traditional water bottle.

Chilly's Bottle Thermal Sports Bottles

Chilly's Bottle Thermal Sports Bottles Each water bottle is characterized by a fabulous design, created with recycled and totally recyclable material that accompanies the bottle making the presentation simply unique and special. It is the gift for those who are particularly sensitive to the reuse of objects and care about preserving the planet in their own small way. It will then be a gift certainly appreciated by athletes, with its special spout cap, to make its use convenient and quick. They can also fill it up at the gym or they can simply carry it every day in their handbag or tied to their backpack to face the day with their favorite drink at the desired temperature. The Chilly's is made of very resistant and high quality stainless steel both internally and externally. The airtight lid prevents accidental spills. The particular double-wall vacuum seal guarantees that the bottle remains condensation-free and keeps your drinks hot for 12 hours and cold drinks for up to 24 hours.
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