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BRAND: Brand: Ichendorf

Glass Bottle Figure Animal Farm Ichendorf

Glass Bottle Figure Animal Farm Ichendorf

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  • Material: Borosilicate glass

  • Dimensions: H. 25.5+1.5(lid) ⌀ 8.5

  • Capacity: 115 cl

  • Dishwasher safe at low temperatures (40°)

  • Manufacturing: Made by hand and modeled by lamp

Glass Bottle Figure Animal Farm Ichendorf

If you are looking for bottles that are one of a kind but don't want to give up a fantastic design, then this Animal Farm Shaped Glass Bottle designed by Ichendorf is exactly for you.

The brand

The Ichendorf company history began in the early twentieth century in a place called Quadrath-Ichendorf. Here, the master glassmakers, from a mixture of substances, gave shape to objects capable of meeting the refined taste of the time. A stylistic signature outlined by precious ornaments. The old cuts and ancient decorations are eliminated, in the search for a renewed language of forms accessible to all and no longer exclusive. This leads to the creation of objects with a contemporary design.

The materials used range from stoneware to traditional glass, crystal and borosilicate, with processing guided by ancient knowledge. The meeting and constant exchange of tradition and innovation, always aimed at the search for beauty in its purest forms, gives life to all Ichendorf objects. In the new collections we find objects that enter homes with delicacy, elegance, shine and there they find a right and humane place.

Animal Farm Glasses in Ichendorf Figure Glass

Glass Bottle Figure Animal Farm Ichendorf The perfectly circular shape, the three-dimensional figures placed in the center, the different colors perfectly contrasted, this is what you immediately notice about these Animal Farm bottles. Made of borosilicate glass, this article is remarkably durable, thanks above all to its hardness and resistance to thermal shock. Another feature, however, is its ease of cleaning after use, by using the dishwasher strictly at less than 40°. Finally, its size represents its last key feature, being of standard capacity despite the volume of the subject, so as to be spacious and never heavy or bulky. Finally, the available designs allow you to best reflect your tastes or needs.
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