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BRAND: Brand: WD Lifestyle

WD Lifestyle Figure Glass Carafe

WD Lifestyle Figure Glass Carafe

Codice Art. WD564GOODLUCK
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  • Capacity: 1.2 litres

  • Material: Blown Glass

  • Figures: Submarine, Whale, Four-Leaf Clover, Orange, Tree (Christmas special)

Figure WD Lifestyle Glass Carafe

If you are looking for a carafe to store your drinks but don't want to give up a unique design and a formidable capacity, then this Figure WD Lifestyle glass carafe is exactly for you.

The Brand

WD Lifestyle continually tries to get closer to the customer's desires, offering them products with functions and features that often surprise. Every single product is capable of preparing or serving amazing dishes, but if there is something that the vast WD Lifestyle catalog has in common, it is certainly the fresh and pleasant design that surprises.

Figure WD Lifestyle Glass Carafe

The figure inside the different colored carafe, this is what you immediately notice about this glass article, but there is much more. Made by WD Lifestyle from blown glass, these carafes have a remarkable capacity of approximately 1.2 litres. The figures, however, are made of blown glass, making each piece in this collection a unique piece. Furthermore, the carafes can be combined with glasses, jugs and bottles, as they also feature fantastic figures that range in gender. If, however, you wanted to be innovative, then you could use these jugs as wedding favors, in order to make your party not only fun, but unique from every point of view. In conclusion, with the purchase of this item, you will not only have a carafe with formidable capabilities and features, but also a companion who will accompany you in your splendid evenings and meetings.

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