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Closca Folding Helmets Breathing System

Closca Folding Helmets Breathing System

Codice Art. SKU 2636
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  • Certificates: EN1078, CPSC

  • Brand: Closca

  • Weight: 340 g (size M), 375 g (size L)

  • Innovative breathing system

  • Adjustable strap

  • Innovative folding system

  • Supported Vehicles: Bicycle, Electric Bicycle, Scooter, Electric Scooter, Skate

Closca Folding Helmets

If you are looking for a helmet with a unique design but features that will amaze you, then these Closca Folding Helmets are exactly for you.

The brand

We stand with those who appreciate beauty, are not intimidated by change, and have the inevitable need to transform our environment.
That's why we create products and services that help inspire change in people's attitudes and therefore create a better future for everyone.
We are changing today to change tomorrow. We inspire change in habits and our relationship with the environment so that cities are more sustainable and people-centered. To evolve towards a better world.
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We redesign what defines and identifies you. This shows who you are. Simple and sophisticated. Busy and dreamy. Practical and elegant: you.

Closca Folding Helmets

Foldable Closca helmets The perfectly balanced colors, the different colored back (graphite/reflective model also reflects light), the design and shape with stunning precision, this is what you immediately notice about these closca helmets. However, the real strength of these items lies in their features, which are astonishing to say the least. First of all, the helmets can be folded and stored comfortably in the bag, so as not to take up much space and reduce the weight and volume as much as possible.
Two sizes are also available for each color (M and L), so as to offer you an item that fits you perfectly, both in size (also thanks to the adjustable strap) and in style. In case of hot days, as if that wasn't enough, the helmet adopts the innovative breathing system which avoids making you sweat more than necessary. Finally, the helmet has two certifications, EN1078 and CPSC, to dissipate the impact in case of impacts, if you are using vehicles such as bicycles, electric bicycles, scooters, electric scooters and skateboards.

Attention! We do not recommend using this helmet on vehicles not mentioned here.
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