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Ceramic Swan, unique piece

Ceramic Swan, unique piece

Codice Art. SKU 2460
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  • Single piece

  • Worked completely by hand

  • Dimensions: 16 x 10 x 19 cm

Ceramic swan

If you are looking for entirely handmade and one-of-a-kind furnishing objects, then this Ceramic Swan is exactly for you.

Ceramic swan

Ceramic swan This swan is made with a graffito technique where the decorations are engraved directly on the clay with an awl. After the first firing they are decorated according to a detailed study of the colors which make the piece a work with a pleasant, timeless and unique chromatic appearance. After decoration they undergo a second firing which gives the objects a particular brightness.

Every single piece of this genre has an indisputable charm, delicate themes or the flavor of the old tradition of Grottaglie ceramics, but all of high manufacturing quality.
Ceramics are perfect furnishings for any environment, they give a touch of color and give value to the places that host them, making them indispensable. This swan can be placed on your table, making moments of conviviality unforgettable.

Made using the best styling techniques, this duck recalls in every detail the style that characterized the 1950s. Around the body of the swan you can see a brightly colored texture that fits into any environment.
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