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BRAND: Brand: Küchenprofi

Kuchenprofi chicken cooker

Kuchenprofi chicken cooker

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  • Diameter: 18cm

  • Height: 24cm

  • Weight: 520g

  • Color: aluminum

  • Material: stainless steel

KUCHENPROFI chicken cooker

If you are looking for a tool to comfortably cook whole chickens without sacrificing durability and features, then this chicken cooker designed by Kuchenprofi is exactly for you.

The brand

With KÜCHENPROFI the fun in the kitchen begins with the preparation! The company has been meeting this need since 1923. Professional and hobby chefs and all lovers of good food will find a wide and varied range of bases such as whisks or potato peelers up to truffle slicers or lobster forks for special occasions. As a manufacturer, KÜCHENPROFI continuously invests in new and further development of its range in the areas of preparation, cooking and serving. The Kuchenprofi team develops creative solutions that are implemented in high-performance production facilities of the highest quality.

KUCHENPROFI chicken cooker

KUCHENPROFI chicken cooker The Kuchenprofi chicken cooker is made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant and long-lasting, and has a size of 18 x 24 cm. This product allows you to cook a real, perfectly cooked whole roast chicken, combining design and functionality as only Kuchenprofi could do. All you need to do is season the chicken or other poultry, place it on the skewer and put everything in the oven. In this way the chicken or bird cooks evenly and the skin becomes golden and crispy. The skewer is very easy to clean, being also dishwasher safe. Through the use of this chicken cooker you will therefore be able to prepare splendid meat-based dinners or lunches in order to surprise your guests or family, also transmitting hospitality without giving up the flavors and proteins that meat gives.
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