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BRAND: Brand: Mepra

Mepra vegetable cooker Gourmet Pentola series

Mepra vegetable cooker Gourmet Pentola series

Codice Art. SKU 2571
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  • Diameter: 22cm

  • Dimensions: 22.23 x 22.23 x 28.58 cm

  • Weight: 2.65kg

  • Dishwasher safe

  • Hobs: Electric, Gas, Halogen, Induction, Oven

  • Material: 18/10 stainless steel

  • Triple thick bottom

  • Glossy surface

  • Empty handles

  • Series: Gourmet

Mepra Gourmet series vegetable cooker

If you are looking for a saucepan with the right size but with amazing features and components to say the least, then this Mepra Gourmet series vegetable cooker is exactly for you.

The brand

Since 1947, Mepra's work has been to produce cutlery and other steel items for restaurants and the best shops in the world, using only the best materials and paying the utmost attention to the finishes.
Combining the experience gained in the hotel supplies sector with a taste for design, aimed at the most refined wedding list and household item boutiques, we have developed, alongside traditional products, a series of innovative and cutting-edge products, which follow the new trends in fashion and catering.

Mepra Gourmet series vegetable cooker

Mepra Gourmet series vegetable cooker Made using the best styling techniques and the best technologies available, this vegetable cooker is complete from every point of view. Its durability is remarkable, thanks above all to its resistance to impacts and corrosion, which allows for countless uses. Its design is simple, with a glossy surface with empty handles to disperse heat and a glass lid which, in addition to allowing greater ease of use, completes the design. This gourmet series therefore allows each pan to be placed in any place, always being combinable.
Furthermore, the article has a triple bottom which allows the food placed inside to cook evenly on all sides, in order to preserve and enrich the flavor of the vegetables. To use, simply stack the two pots and lid, filling each pot with vegetables and water; when boiling the vegetables will begin to steam. Finally, the usable hob is universal, but is more compatible with gas, electric, halogen, induction and oven.
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