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BRAND: Brand: Boska

Fondue Set Large White Boska in Ceramic

Fondue Set Large White Boska in Ceramic

Codice Art. SKU 8979
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  • Pot Material: Ceramic

  • Forks Material: Wood and Steel

  • Capacity: 600 ml / 400 ml Cheese

  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 14 x 13.5 cm

  • Weight: 1.35kg

  • Dishwasher safe pot

Fondue Set Large White Boska

If you are looking for a set for making fondue but are also looking for something functional and extremely adaptable, then this Large White Fondue Set designed by Boska is exactly for you.

The brand

At BOSKA we produce tools and believe that quality is sustainability. Our goal is to design products that last a lifetime. Our family's tradition is to create fun, clever tools so you can enjoy the best cheese, chocolate, pizza and more. We like it! So whether you're chopping, slicing, grating, grilling or melting, we'll help you create mouth-watering food and a feast on your table.

Fondue Set Large White Boska

Fondue Set Large White Boska in Ceramic In the Large Fondue Set, a candlelight keeps your cheese fondue warm for hours. The fondue pot, with a capacity of 600 ml, can hold up to 350 grams of cheese fondue. This set is ideal for preparing fondue for a dinner for two or a nice snack for four. You can also keep 400 ml of sauce warm in the pan, for example when grilling. The stainless steel fondue forks and base are partially made of oak, giving the fondue set an authentic look. If you only have a different heat source, such as an induction or electric stove, we recommend using a different pot to heat the fondue.
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