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Smeg immersion blender

Smeg immersion blender

Codice Art. HBF22RDEU
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  • Brand: Smeg

  • Width: 6.5cm

  • Length: 6.5cm

  • Height: 41.4 cm

  • Material: Plastic / Stainless steel

  • Motor power: 700W

  • Power cable length: 1.5m

  • Voltage: 220 - 240 V

  • Non-slip handle

  • Integrated cable reel

  • Cutting system: Flowblend

  • Max rpm: 14850 rpm

  • Min rpm: 8150 rpm

  • Accessory attachment system: Bayonet

  • Variable speed

  • Turbo mode

Smeg immersion blender

If you are looking for an immersion blender with many functions and accessories but with a 1950s design then this Smeg immersion blender is exactly for you.

The brand

Produced by Smeg, for many years this brand has been committed to creating devices with modern functionality but with a classic 50s design, in this way it is possible to recreate the same atmosphere that characterized those years. The choice of Smeg products is wide, from small appliances such as coffee machines and toasters to large appliances such as hoods and refrigerators, but if there is one thing that they all have in common it is the ability to give a unique atmosphere to your kitchen.

Smeg immersion blender

Smeg immersion blender Made using plastic and stainless steel, this immersion blender takes advantage of the positive characteristics of these materials and offsets their negatives. From this union comes a device with high durability and many functions.
The motor has a power of 700 W and can be powered via the appropriate 1.5 meter long 220 - 240 V cable; To collect the wire there is a convenient and practical integrated cable winder. The number of revolutions per minute that the blender can make varies from 8150 to 14850. The number of revolutions is enough to easily blend almost all foods, but not too much to require an exorbitant amount of electricity. The speed of the product is variable and adjustable while the maximum speed can be exceeded using the appropriate turbo button.

Furthermore, the package includes numerous accessories such as a graduated jug, wire whisk, vegetable masher and food chopper, each specialized to meet any of your needs.
The use of the device is also facilitated thanks to the non-slip grip which avoids, in the best possible way, accidental falls and the consequent breakage of mechanical parts.
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