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BRAND: Brand: Studio Roof

Giant Stag Beetle Studio Roof eco-sustainable

Giant Stag Beetle Studio Roof eco-sustainable

Codice Art. SKU 3101
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  • Brand: Studio Roof

  • Collection: Big Insects

  • Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 37 cm

  • Material: Recycled Cardboard

  • Colors: Vegetable Ink

Giant Stag Beetle Studio Roof

If you are looking for an element with which to furnish your walls in a superb way but still don't want to give up supporting the environment, then this Giant Stag Beetle Studio Roof is exactly for you.

The brand

Our starting point is paper, a material with infinite possibilities. Through the filter of imagination, a world unfolds in our cardboard products: masks, birds, insects, cities, sea animals, land creatures and many others. They tell stories about the beauty that lies in nature, imagination, art and people.

Because nature plays such an important role in our history and daily lives, the products are made from recycled cardboard and colored with plant-based inks. This is our way of contributing to the environment.

Giant Stag Beetle Studio Roof

Giant Stag Beetle Studio Roof The bright colors in perfect contrast with each other, the shape inspired by a beetle for a design that adapts to any wall and the simply perfect size, this is what you immediately notice about this wall insect from the Studio Roof brand. However, its real strengths lie in its features, which are astonishing to say the least. Made from recycled cardboard, the brand has decided to provide you with elegant objects to furnish your room without sacrificing support for the environment, also creating an object that resists impacts. Furthermore, the ink used to color the paper reduces the quantities of toxic substances and uses renewable, non-oil resources. Finally, its easy assembly explained in the packaging is the last of its strong points, for a perfect balance between features and design.
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