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BRAND: Brand: Smeg

Smeg Full Color Multifunction Planetary Mixer

Smeg Full Color Multifunction Planetary Mixer

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  • Power: 800W

  • Models:

    • SMF03BLEU ► Black

    • SMF03CREU ► Cream

  • Color: Plain + chrome details

  • Materials: Plastic and Stainless Steel

  • Speed: adjustable 10 levels

  • Smooth Start function

  • Engine block safety

  • Motor overload protection

  • Bowl capacity: 4.8 L

  • Bowl handle

  • Non-slip base

  • Egg whites: Max 12 Min 2

  • Sweet dough: Max 2.6 kg

  • Cake dough: Max 2 kg

  • Egg pasta dough: 500g + 3 eggs

  • Bread/Pizza dough: Max 1.2 kg

  • Whipped cream: Max 1L Min 100 ml

  • Voltage: 220-240V 50Hz

  • Dimensions: 37.8 x 40.2 x 22.1 cm

Smeg Full Color Multifunction Planetary Mixer

If you are looking for a device capable of kneading, mixing and whipping many types of food, but you don't want to give up fantastic features, then this Smeg Multifunction Planetary Mixer.

The brand

Produced by Smeg, for many years this brand has been committed to creating devices with modern functionality but with a classic 50s design, in this way it is possible to recreate the same atmosphere that characterized those years. The choice of Smeg products is wide, from small appliances such as coffee machines and toasters to large appliances such as hoods and refrigerators, but if there is one thing that they all have in common it is the reliability and functionality they possess.

Smeg Full Color Multifunction Planetary Mixer

Smeg Full Color Multifunction Planetary Mixer The perfectly shiny solid color body, the chrome details, the ergonomic shape and the intuitive use, this is what you immediately notice about this planetary mixer designed by the Smeg brand. Its real strength, however, lies in its features, which are astonishing to say the least. Made of stainless steel and plastic, this mixer immediately presents itself to the buyer as having considerable durability, thanks to its resistance to corrosion and numerous protection and warning functions. The motor has a power of 800W and needs to be powered by cable at a voltage of 220-240V at 50 Hz.

Furthermore, the speed can be adjusted to 10 different levels, to adapt to your needs. The smooth start function integrated into the device, as if that were not enough, reduces the splashes that can be created, starting slowly and then accelerating up to the selected speed. For your safety, however, there is a motor block function and overload protection, which also increases its durability. The bowl included in the device, complete with whisks, hooks and lids, has a maximum capacity of 4.8 L and is equipped with a comfortable handle. However, the mixer has the following kneading kg limits:

Finally, this mixer can be completed with some accessories that can be purchased separately, such as the meat mincer.
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