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BRAND: Brand: Fortuna

UV Travel and Home Sterilizer Kit

UV Travel and Home Sterilizer Kit

Codice Art. X10-S2-SP2
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Sterilizer X10

  • UV rays: 253.7 nm

  • Maximum power: 9W

  • Supported smartphone size: 6 inches approximately

  • Functions: sterilization, aromatherapy

Sterilizer S2

  • Material: ABS

  • Power: Battery (1800 mAh)

  • Battery charging: Cable / solar energy

  • Storage compartments: 6 toothbrushes, 1 toothpaste

SP2 sterilizer

  • Battery: 3.7V 450 mAh rechargeable lithium battery

  • Charging time: 2 hours

  • UV Wavelength: 270-285nm

  • Automatic shutdown at the end of sterilization

UV Travel and Home Sterilizer Kit

If you are looking for a sterilizer kit for toothbrushes and objects in general, such as smartphones, watches and masks that can prevent infections and diseases without any difficulty and in just a few minutes, then this UV travel and home sterilization kit is exactly for you your.

UV Travel and Home Sterilizer Kit

UV Travel and Home Sterilization Kit Complete Travel and Home Sterilizer Kit: X10, S2, SP2
Sterilizer X10

This portable UV sterilizer box uses UV to sterilize objects from bacteria. It can sterilize all objects that have a dimension smaller than 18 x 10 x 2.2 cm and smartphones with a maximum dimension of approximately 6 inches. It also has the predisposition for aromatherapy to flavor objects as well as sterilize them. On the device there are 2 buttons (sterilization and aromatherapy) and an interface that indicates the progress of the forwarded process.
Operation: After placing the object to be sterilized in the box and any aromas in the grill (located inside the box), press the left sterilization button. Once the sterilization process has begun, which lasts 5 minutes, its progress can be checked via the appropriate panel located between the two buttons. If you want to use only the flavoring function, you can press the appropriate right button.

Sterilizer S2

Made of ABS, this sterilizer is extremely light but, at the same time, resistant. With its large size, this product is large enough to sterilize multiple toothbrushes at the same time but not large enough to be cumbersome. Furthermore, through the use of the ribbon contained in the package, this device is suitable for hanging on the wall, so as to take up less space and giving the room, at the same time, elegance and transparency. The UV light, through which sterilization takes place, has a long lifespan, so as to allow you to avoid replacing it too assiduously. Finally, through the 1800 mAh rechargeable solar-powered battery you can support the environment and save electricity.

To start the 5 minute sterilization process you need to press the button on the device; at the end of this time the toothbrushes will be sterilized and the sterilizer will automatically turn off.

SP2 sterilizer
Sterilization takes place with the aid of a 1W / 5W UVC lamp, powered by DC5V 1A, from which UV waves at 270-285 nm come which act effectively on the inserted toothbrushes. At the end of its sanitizing action, the item will automatically turn off, in order to optimize battery consumption. The device, as if that wasn't enough, has a built-in 450 mAh lithium battery which allows it to be used even outside the home. The battery can be recharged using the practical 1.2A USB cable included in the package, which allows it to be recharged in just 2 hours. Finally, the article features an indicator LED which, based on the color and flashing, can indicate various states:

  1. LED has a solid red color: the battery is flat

  2. LED has an intermittent red color: the battery is charging

  3. LED has no color after state number 2: battery fully recharged

  4. LED has a White color: sterilization in progress

  5. LED has no color after state number 4: sterilization completed

Finally, in the package, in addition to the 2-seater one, there is a single-seater sterilizer, suitable for accompanying you on your fantastic travels, in order to preserve your health wherever you are. The item can be hung with 3M glue included in the package.
Instructions for use

  1. Press the bottom plate and remove paper to attach the bottom

  2. Insert the heads of the toothbrushes into the slots

  3. When the plate is closed, the device will begin the sanitizing action indicated by a white LED

  4. After approximately 1 minute, the sterilizing action will end and the device will turn off, indicated by an off LED


  • Do not insert dripping toothbrushes into the device

  • The product is not waterproof or shockproof

  • Clean the device with a soft, dry cloth

  • Do not disassemble

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