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BRAND: Zafferano Srl

Poldina Pro micro wireless table lamp

Poldina Pro micro wireless table lamp

Codice Art. LD0490DFO
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Poldina Pro micro wireless table lamp

Rechargeable table lamp, including contact charging base, with painted aluminum body, polycarbonate diffuser and LED light source.

It turns on, off and dims thanks to a touch button on the diffuser. The lamp is equipped with the light color temperature selection function (2200K-2700K-3000K). The lamp has an IP65 protection rating. Battery life 7/8 hours.

Lamps with gold, silver and copper leaf finishes are not suitable for outdoor use.

Due to the technique adopted in processing with metal leaf, the final appearance of the lamps may be different. Any discrepancies attest to the value and uniqueness of each lamp and should not be considered as imperfections.

Material: Aluminium


  • HEIGHT - 275 mm
  • DIAMETER - 70 mm

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