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Silver Slamp Suspension Lamp

Silver Slamp Suspension Lamp

Codice Art. SKU 1261
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  • Brand: Slamp

  • Material: Lentiflex and Opalflex

  • Height: 36cm

  • Width: 42cm

  • Length: 42cm

  • Weight: 1.15kg

  • Bulbs: 12W LED E27

  • Number of bulbs: 2

  • Energy efficiency class: A++

Silver Slamp Suspension Lamp

If you are looking for a hanging lamp that has an extravagant design but can create a breathtaking lighting effect, then this Suspension Silver Slamp lamp is exactly for you.

The brand

Created by Slamp, this brand has been committed for many years to creating lamps that can give a unique and inimitable aesthetic sense both when switched off and when switched on, through its effects of light and shadow. The catalog of products is large but, if there is something that they all have in common, it is the excellent quality - price ratio that Slamp is able to offer.

Silver Slamp Suspension Lamp

Silver Slamp Suspension Lamp Made of Lentiflex and Opalflex, this lamp exploits the positive characteristics of the two materials and compensates for the negative ones. Thanks to this mix of materials, the durability of the lamp is increased, thus guaranteeing the best resistance to impacts and corrosion that can be offered. The device has two sockets for 12W E27 LED bulbs. The energy efficiency class, on the other hand, is category A++, enough to save electricity without giving up good lighting. Finally, the design is made up of sheets of material intersected with each other, through which it is possible to create (with the light on) a unique 360° combination of light and shadow that will amaze and enchant.
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