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Smartphone sterilizer UV lamp

Smartphone sterilizer UV lamp

Codice Art. X4
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  • Input Power: 5V/2A/QC3

  • Output Power: 10W/5W

  • Wireless charging distance: 3-6mm

  • Color: White / Black

  • Material: ABS + PC

  • Wireless energy conversion efficiency: 70 - 75 %

UV sterilizer lamp for smartphones and objects

If you are looking for a UV lamp capable of expertly sterilizing your objects, then this UV sterilizer lamp for smartphones and objects is exactly for you.

UV sterilizer lamp for smartphones and objects

UV sterilizer lamp for smartphones and objects Made using the combination of ABS and PC, this lamp immediately presents itself as remarkably long-lasting, thanks to its resistance to drops. The device has a convenient shelf equipped with wireless charging, where you can place your smartphone for sterilization and charging. There are also 2 ports on the article, 1 micro USB for power and 1 USB port for charging the smartphone with the cable, if it does not have a wireless charging module. Finally, to operate the 10/5 W lamp there is a convenient button which activates, based on the number of times, 3 different functions, illustrated below.
First of all, you need to connect the device to the power supply and place the object to be sterilized on the appropriate shelf. At this point there are 3 possible choices:

  1. Pressing the button once starts sterilization for 15 minutes

  2. Pressing the button twice starts sterilization for 25 minutes

  3. By pressing the button 3 times the lamp turns off

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