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BRAND: Brand: Risolì

Risolì eco-friendly non-stick saucepan

Risolì eco-friendly non-stick saucepan

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  • Brand: Risolì

  • Dimensions: 40 x 25 cm

  • Material: Die-cast aluminium

  • Coating: 100% non-stick granite

  • Eco friendly: 100% PFOA free, nickel free

  • Resistance: 30 µ

  • Colors: Black

  • Ergonomic

  • 100% Italian

  • Thickness: 6mm

  • Compatible hobs: Gas, Electric, Glass ceramic, Oven

Eco-friendly non-stick Risolì saucepan

If you are looking for a pan that has many functions and supports the environment then this eco-friendly non-stick Risolì pan is exactly for you.

Eco-friendly non-stick Risolì saucepan

Eco-friendly non-stick Risolì saucepan Made by the Risolì brand, this pan is made entirely of die-cast aluminum which inevitably increases its durability and resistance, bringing it to 30 µ. Furthermore, aluminum, being an excellent electrical conductor, transmits heat allowing uniform cooking. This product also supports the environment through 100% PFOA-free, nickel free, and a non-stick coating. The latter is 100% granite with the presence of mineral particles, so as to reduce the water necessary to carry out optimal cleaning of the product. Suitable for all hobs, the Risolì pan can be used on all common gas, electric, glass-ceramic hobs or can simply be placed in the oven.
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