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BRAND: Brand: Continenta

Large Continent Wooden Turntable

Large Continent Wooden Turntable

Codice Art. SKU 8900
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  • Material: Rubber tree wood

  • Diameter: 40cm

  • Height: 3.5cm

Large Continent Wooden Turntable

If you are looking for a large-sized turntable but don't want to give up something aesthetically pleasing, then this Large Wooden Turntable designed by Continenta is exactly for you.

The brand

Since 1977, Continenta has been developing quality kitchen accessories. Design, functionality and craftsmanship are the characteristics of the Continenta collections. Continenta uses a wide assortment of durable woods and a wide range of shades.
Beautifully selected woods, coming from renewable sources, are transformed into durable products and finished with a high quality oil that protects the surface from external agents and improves the antibacterial properties of the wood.

Large Continent Wooden Turntable

Large Continent Wooden Turntable
The light color, the wood that stands out across the entire surface, its diameter and thickness, this is what you immediately notice about this turntable, but there is more. Its dimensions are large, which allows you to use it for any food, including cakes. Its material, i.e. rubber tree wood, makes this plate extremely durable, so it won't let you down easily.
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