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BRAND: Brand: Riedel

Riedel Cabernet Decanter Magnum

Riedel Cabernet Decanter Magnum

Codice Art. RIE01DEC
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  • Design: 2004

  • Material: Crystal

  • Volume: 1700 cc

  • Height: 27cm

Riedel Cabernet Decanter Magnum

If you are looking for a decanter to enjoy fantastic aperitifs or dinners but don't want to give up quality and resistance, then this Riedel Cabernet Decanter Magnum is exactly for you.

The brand

The RIEDEL brand revolutionized the world of glass production in 1974, when it designed the first collection of glasses dedicated to wine. This line of excellence, “Sommeliers”, served as a trailblazer for the future of glass design. In subsequent generations Riedel has adapted to the needs of modern drinkers by introducing, from the "O" series, to decanters and glasses.

Riedel Cabernet Decanter Magnum

Riedel Cabernet Decanter Magnum This Decanter, made by Riedel, is everything you need for an aperitif or dinner with your relatives and friends that will remain in history. Made of crystal, this material is certainly more stable than glass, with a refractive index that makes the decanter extremely shiny. Furthermore, its size makes it perfect for decanting 1700 cc of wine, so as to give you not only unique flavors but also unforgettable memories.

Care and Maintenance

All RIEDEL stemware and glasses are dishwasher safe. RIEDEL exclusively recommends MIELE.
Place stemware and glasses well away from other glass or metal products to avoid chipping during the wash cycle. Where possible, use the appropriate basket.
To avoid the formation of clouds, check the hardness of the water which should be low in mineral salts. Remove any traces of fingerprints or stains with white vinegar.


wash the glass under hot water (use detergent and rinse the glass thoroughly).
Polishing the glass: Use two polishing cloths, never hold the glass by the base to polish the glass. Polish the glasses using two glass dryers: one for each hand. When polishing the cup, avoid holding the glass by the base because the stem could break.
Stem breakage: Occurs due to incorrect handling = torque or bending pressure on the stem. When storing glasses, places characterized by strong odors which could transfer to the glass and alter the aroma of the wine should be avoided.

For Polishing

Wash glass dryers in boiling water with mild soap to kill bacteria.
Never use a fabric softener to rinse the microfibre cloth (it avoids the formation of grease on the surface).
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