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Sagaform stainless steel oyster set

Sagaform stainless steel oyster set

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  • Brand: Sagaform

  • Plate diameter: 25 cm

  • Knife length: 17 cm

  • Napkin length: 41 cm

  • Napkin width: 61 cm

  • Silver colour

  • Knife material: stainless steel

  • Plate material: stainless steel

  • Napkin material: cotton and linen

Sagaform Oyster Set

If you are looking for a set for tasting oysters, mussels, clams and mussels in general, then this Sagaform oyster set is exactly for you.

The brand

Produced by Sagaform, this brand has been committed for years to the creation of kitchen items capable of facilitating the tasting, presentation and preparation of dishes. The number of Sagaform products is notable, but if there is something that they all have in common, it is the ability to satisfy and surprise with the best quality on offer.

Sagaform Oyster Set

Sagaform Oyster Set Designed by Sagaform, this set is made of stainless steel which makes it not only hard, but also impact-resistant and corrosion-resistant. Thanks to the choice of materials, the set is durable. In the package there are 3 objects: a plate, a knife and a napkin. The plate is entirely made of stainless steel and has a diameter of 25cm, large enough to place 8 oysters on top of it. The plate can also be used as a tray on which to place 8 oysters complete with seasoning, in order to reduce the space needed for service. The knife is also made of stainless steel with a comfortable and light handle and also an anti-cut safety system, the total length is 17 cm. Finally, the napkin is made of linen and cotton and has a size of 41 x 61 cm, large enough to be used comfortably but not enough to be considered bulky.
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