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BRAND: Brand: Staub

Staub Grill Pan Grill Pan for Gas and Induction 28x28

Staub Grill Pan Grill Pan for Gas and Induction 28x28

Codice Art. 40511-684
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  • Base: 25 x 25 cm

  • Dimensions: 28 x 34 cm

  • Height: 4.30 cm

  • Weight: 3.4kg

  • Color: Grey

  • Material: Vitrified Cast Iron

  • Hob: Gas, Induction

Staub Grill Pan Grill Pan

If you are looking for a pan capable of cooking meat but don't want to give up excellent features, then this Staub Grill Pan and Grill Pan is exactly for you.

The brand

Since 1974, with the creation of the first cocottes, Staub has had only one ambition: to achieve perfection. Staub designs and engineers high-quality items that combine tradition and modernity: the secrets of traditional cuisine made with cutting-edge materials. It is no coincidence that Staub has become a reference brand first in France and then throughout the world.

Staub Grill Pan Grill Pan

Staub Grill Pan Grill Pan The design and shape that recall a real grill, the structure that makes it capable of cooking many types of meat, this is what you immediately notice about this Staub pan. Its strong point, however, is its characteristics, which at the same time make it unique in its kind. Made of cast iron, which guarantees considerable resistance. The lid has the same design as the pot and is included in the package. Finally, the base of the pan has been designed to make it suitable for both gas and induction hobs.
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