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BRAND: vendor-unknown

USB powered UV lamp box sterilizer

USB powered UV lamp box sterilizer

Codice Art. N52
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  • White color

  • Width: 11.4cm

  • Length: 5.3cm

  • Height: 19.6 cm

  • Power supply: cable

  • UV Power: 3W

  • Wireless charging: 5W (optional)

  • Maximum cell size: 5.8 inches

  • Functions: sterilization, aromatherapy and wireless charging

USB powered UV lamp box sterilizer

If you are looking for a sterilizer that can sterilize your items in a short time, then this UV lamp box sterilizer is exactly for you.

USB powered UV lamp box sterilizer

USB powered UV lamp box sterilizer This sterilizer box uses UV rays to kill all viruses and bacteria on the objects inside it such as gold staph, candida and other common bacteria. Cellular objects up to 5.8 inches in size are supported. You can also store flavored oils to flavor and purify the objects inside the box.
For mobile phones equipped for wireless charging, there is a wireless charging function which recharges the mobile phone while it is being sterilised. The power cable is included in the package.


Once the object has been placed in the box, press the button to start sterilization. If you open the lid during the procedure, sterilization will stop to avoid dispersing UV rays. To extend the standard sterilization time by 5 minutes, hold the button down for more than 1 second.
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