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BRAND: Fayean

Tiger Stand Up Paddle SUP Inflatable Board 10'6"

Tiger Stand Up Paddle SUP Inflatable Board 10'6"

Codice Art. 1485
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  • Dimensions: 320 x 83 x 15 cm

  • Brand: Fayean

  • Product weight: 9 kg / 20 lbs

  • Supported weight: 150 kg / 330 lbs

  • EVA non-slip mat

  • Material: 2 layers thick PVC

  • Drop Stritch

  • Air pressure: 12-15 PSI

10'6" Tiger Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board MHMT

If you are looking for a stand up paddle SUP that doesn't take up much space, but allows you to practice many sports, then this Tiger Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board is exactly for you.

10'6" Tiger Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board MHMT

Board 10'6 Made of double layer of PVC, Drop Stitch and EVA, materials that guarantee durability over time, as well as ensuring safety during use. The board can be inflated using the hand pump with monometer present in the package, up to a pressure of 12 - 15 PSI. Its size of 320 x 83 x 15 cm, however, makes it stable and compatible with the practice of numerous water sports.
The package contains an aluminum alloy paddle adjustable according to needs, 2 lateral fins and a removable central one, which increase its stability and maintenance of direction during navigation. For your safety, however, there is a convenient ring on the board where you can tie the leasch (rope with ring to tie to the ankle) also present in the package. In case of breakage, as if that wasn't enough, the repair kit (without glue) is included in the package to repair your board and get back to having fun. For the safety of your smartphone, in addition, there is a waterproof case that avoids various types of inconvenience. Finally, to facilitate the transport of the product, the comfortable sturdy backpack where you can store all the objects mentioned above is included in the package.

Usage information

The weight supported by the board is 150 kg, 1 adult or 2 teenagers. There is a central concavity on the board which, in addition to its light weight, makes it easy to transport.


Attention, the following product is not suitable for children under 14 years of age. Adult supervision is required for use. The product is manufactured for domestic use only . Please remember to wear a life jacket during sporting activities for your safety.
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