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Guardini aluminum cake pans

Guardini aluminum cake pans

Codice Art. SKU 971
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  • Brand: Guardini

  • Design: Bronze / Champagne

  • Material: Die-cast aluminium

  • Features: Non-stick coating

  • Weight: 0.70kg

Guardini cake trays

If you are looking for a tray that gives a unique shape to your desserts then these Guardini cake trays are exactly for you.

Guardini cake trays

Guardini cake trays Made by the Guardini brand, these trays are made entirely of die-cast aluminum which makes them not only hard, but also resistant to corrosion and impacts. Each pan is also coated with a special double non-stick coating, useful for making cleaning the product easier and improving the quality of the desserts. The desserts can also be decorated, in order to enrich the basic design and create something unique, in order to amaze any guests or the birthday boy.
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