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BRAND: Brand: Lèkuè

Lèkuè multilayer silicone steamer

Lèkuè multilayer silicone steamer

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  • Brand: Lekuè

  • Width: 43cm

  • Length: 35cm

  • Height: 25cm

  • Weight: 699g

  • Green colour

  • Material: silicone

Lèkuè multilayer silicone steamer

If you are looking for a light and easy-to-use steamer then this Lèkuè multi-layer silicone steamer is exactly for you.

The brand

Produced by Lèkuè, this brand has been committed for many years to satisfying its customers with household products that are not too expensive, offering designs of all kinds and sometimes astonishing functionality. The choice of Lekuè products is wide but if there is something that they all have in common, it is the ability to satisfy the customer with the best possible quality-price ratio.

Lèkuè multilayer silicone steamer

Lèkuè multilayer silicone steamer Designed by Lekuè, this steamer is made of silicone which makes it impact resistant and very light. The steamer is made up of 2 overlapping layers and the lid, in order to increase the cooking volume without taking up additional space. To start steaming, simply place the steamer over a pan of water and place the lid on top; in this way the foods will be cooked maintaining all the nutritional properties and flavors that foods benefit our body. After use, the steamer can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher for easier cleaning.
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