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BRAND: Brand: Bugatti

Bugatti Toaster Flight

Bugatti Toaster Flight

Codice Art. 13-SVOLOCR
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  • Material: Stainless steel

  • Dimensions: 32 x 20 x 30 cm

  • Designer: Andreas Seegatz

  • Function: Toast, Defrost and Reheat

  • Weight: 3kg

  • Roasting levels: 6

  • Motorized system

  • Crumb tray

  • Power: 930W

  • Energy efficiency class: A

Volo bugatti toaster

If you are looking for an appliance capable of toasting your bread, but you don't want to settle for something simple and ordinary, then this Bugatti Volo Toaster is exactly for you.

The brand

Bugatti designs and manufactures tableware and kitchen accessories, cutlery and small appliances with a strong innovative drive and an original and sophisticated design.

For 90 years, Bugatti's proposals have stood out for their unique style, in which high technology blends with Italian taste for shapes and details; the links with the territory and the artisan tradition coexist with an open gaze to the contemporary world and its values: from sharing to environmental sustainability.

Volo bugatti toaster

Volo bugatti toaster Volo, the innovative toaster in the chrome version that allows, with a light touch, to choose what you want most: toast, defrost and reheat. The grill and the various programming possibilities also allow professional use, to the satisfaction of your customers. Furthermore, the steel structure makes it long-lasting, so it can accompany you on your adventures without any problem. Its design, as if that wasn't enough, makes it adaptable to all kitchens, for a shape that is pleasing to the eye and perfect integration. Volo is also technology, with its Bugatti LIFT which allows the slices of bread to rise and fall automatically, so you can concentrate on other things in the meantime. Finally, its energy efficiency class A allows you to obtain a motor power of 930W whilst reducing normal electricity consumption.
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